Bring best intents 

with highest ethics 

to the smartest future 

Together we can sustain long term HOPE 

gathering RESOURCES to address todays' shortfalls


Transparent lean charity - Non-Profit action funding

    • (#206) Level 0- Support Ukraine return to normality
      1/ regained cities to Ukraine require temporary assistance to receive food and water
      2/ restore energy access and preferably low carbon (Geothermal, ...)

    • (#205) Level 0- Support to EU for UN  universal value refresh 

      1/ commitment to UN SDG, 

      2/ Businesses with Global Compact,
      3/ International Court of Justice ("more or less veto?" discussions)

    • (#204) Level 0- 2022 Q2 Supporting refugees

      with "EU4'Es" and EU Care program villages worldwide 
      1/ Budgeting and scouting for land, tiny housing,
      2/ security against war abusers 
      3/ Medical assistance.
      4/ Typical 3 options for families, orphans and singles 
        4a - Settling long term with language fluency urgency
        4b - Moving on to apply and settle with new passport
        4c - Resilient and prepare to return home when possible
      in the meantime survive

    • (#203) Level 2 - 2022 Q1 Supported Chin refugees in Malaysia with sustainable plans to 

      1/ prepare to return home when possible

      2/ plan to emigrate formally and legally
      In the meantime survive in small communities under feeble tolerance agreed with UNHCR and reduced financial support tolerated in the host countries, obtaining letter or legal protection.

    • + more about Chin from Myanmar, thanks to Delphine at International School of the Hague (ISH) 

    • (#202) Level 2 - Launched the Campaign for EU Energy frugal resilience.
      energy consumption with informing around
      1/ house insulation and
      efficient  electrical  especially reducing miss-understood induction boiler over 80% efficient compared to radiant heat 70% or gas/fuel 40% 2/ be aware of Carbon impact scope 1-2-3 when choosing equipment in particular PV cells very high scope 1-2 when produced in Asia with high Coal powerplants 

      2/ Of course driving only if needed and efficiently. No more traffic jam with never less than. 20m under your driver's control with the vehicle followed to minimize accident pressure. Maintain vehicles to avoid breakdowns and moderating speed in priority simply with the understanding of kinetic energy E=1/2.mV^2 amongst other acceleration and air penetration&drag energy.  
      Invested for the campaign : ............... 400 Euro

    • (#201) Level  1 -  European Ethics, Education and Energy ("EEEE"), or more enthusiastically the "EU 4E's" project in coordination with the "European Union Horizon 2024" program, both in Europe and Internationally (1Global gateway† 

      YIHA initiatives assisted by latest engineering for example "Cerberus"™ Earth wide affordable universal energy project 1: Geothermal Borneo, Sabah, Sarawak, Kalimantan (new responsible Indonesia capital near Banjarmasin kicks-off 2022) 2 : Railways Borneo recycling low contaminated Oil and Gas tubulars and minimise environmental impact whilst allowing efficient crossings and cargo especially under SDG17 especially related to the new responsible Indonesia capital build-up. 3: Support industrial activity within EU with migrants to re-export the technology back to their base countries on solid basis.   

    • (#101) Level 5 - Jan 2021 Chin refugees emergency education furniture : ............... *** 1,600 Euro Complete ***

    • (#008) Level 0 - Assure and restore HOPE to foresee together a pleasant future, leaving no-one behind. How can YIHA explain better its direct support to public interest with practical solutions against desperation under all its forms. Understand and explain data demonstrating Netherlands youth losing hope. See European program ISAP from which YIHA supports the prevention "Stage 1"

    • (#007) Level 0 - Myanmar "White pages" long term UN SDG development plan, discussion group, donate your time for workshop discussions.

      (-> now accepting donations)

    • (#006) Level 1* - 2021 Foundation running overheads cost plan : .......... 1,400 Euro (-> now accepting donations)

      Dutch ANBI** public interest charitable accreditation process is initiated, restore and maintain hope for youth and adults).

    • (#005) Level 1 - 2022 Foundation year overheads plan : ............. 5,000 Euro (-> now accepting donations)

    • (#004) Level 1 - Kick-off the "YIHA Foundation" lean ONLINE project management : ................. 6,000 Euro (-> now accepting donations)
      This initial project is for upgrading this web site to integrate transparent/honest donation online tracking per topic, SDG and geographically. 

    • (#003) Level 1 - Management cost of YIHA founders owned Dragon Boat equipment : ............. 22,000 Euro (-> now accepting donations)
      Optimum repatriation or donation to local schools for the Malaysia based Dragon Boats set. The equipment was built-up since 2006 with family commitment for community sports to start school and communities involvements. The 12 tonnes (paid 100k) of sport event equipment are presently parked on ISKL* Ampang campus, pictures on request.

    • (#002) This YIHA Foundation will continue to offer focus training and informative conferences opportunities with occasional "boots on the ground, paddles in water actions" and is already accepting more Civil Society ethical non-profit suggestions and discussions to draft "Level 0" funding plan initiation.

      NB: The "Level 0" is the initiation of the full project cycle and funded by volunteers to reach the best estimated full cycle resource plan first "Level 1" until all actions closure at "level 5" final recap of value of work done ledger complemented by minimal latest estimates.

      All moneys received will be audited and auditable by reputable experts under non-profit, ethical commitment to meet the Netherlands regulation and governance practices. For now there is not much accounting to see, yet supported with local accountant Van de Meer. Donators have the opportunities to trust the board and founders to setup charitable organization with their donations.

    • (#001) level 0 - "Deep" long term project for discussion:
      1- Universal widow financial and legal protection especially in countries where regalian laws make them dependent citizens
      2-  Universal Engineer Ethics "White pages" commitment to UN SDG first  
      3- Explore concept of free electrical energy for Sahel** countries and beyond 
      ** Urgent HOPE discussion for earliest action in developing countries like Sahel countries (Mali, Mauritania, Tchad, ). If you have been reading "Africanisan" book referred below, this is one of the easiest chance to snatch youth attention from radical islamist and at the same time repeat the #EAVORloop (2019 in Canada) with a strong "sustainable village" peace keeping design twist.
      4- Explore behavioral and technological means to reduce road driving fatalities (minimum clear 15m ahead will never touch)
      5- Peaceful effective civil society communication means between regalian and private sector powers
      6- From simple "YIHA hope" information conferences by experts to fully fledged pre and post secondary schools with qualified teachers/professors (eg ISKL Ampang Campus)
      ... open to other suggestions 

Every Donation Counts

Our team is invested to make the manmade economy understood to scale its pertinent evolution up to its universal intent. 

Funding academic education for youth and later awareness to keep-up older requires energy, hope, courage and resources we can help. 

Stichting YIHA will give its donator a HOPE certificate in return as a token valuing long term investment in our civilisation.

The gravitas of the international mission YIHA team is giving itself is lightened by its commitment to nurture human energy through team sports at all ages. 

Of course sports may be soccer, golf, petanque (boule), walking, running jumping swimming and Dragon boating as the later also brings two interesting points for discussion

“Old people have wisdom but not energy; young people have energy but not wisdom; energy and wisdom must be in the same body to create a much better civilisation! To do this, we will either give energy to the old or we will give wisdom to the young and for now the latter seems a more plausible action!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

Dragon boat not only helps familiarity with water although one may not be a swimmer. The sport is also fairly well regulated to ensure safe team zero harm thanks to the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).

Dragon boat is also one of the historical topic marking the birth of our human civilisation anti-corruption determination to support universal economy.