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About YIHA board

The Team

The board team and its commissioners have international charitable self funded experience since 2003 with business geopolitics and engineering master.

Historically helped Myanmar Chin refugees, Pakistan earthquake resilience, post trauma sport rehabilitation, Oman cyclone "Gonu" recovery

This Non-Profit Organisation (ONG) registered in 2021 in the Netherlands for initiating and delivering international + effective + ethical + charitable activities in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Presently pursuing the process to get Netherlands Public Benefits ANBI accreditation for receiving donations from Dutch tax payers, they'll be able to deduct from their total income tax.

YIHA is committed to deliver professional project management with highest donation percentage impact.

2021 started with kind donation from "The Hague Kermesse Francophone" to support schooling continuity for Chin refugees in Malaysia

Chairman - Solely/independently authorised - Marie-Hélène Dorléans Sentuc

Treasurer - Quentin Dorléans

Secretary - Adrien Dorléans

(Image above will be updated later time)

YIHA is assisted by EngEthics Engineering consultant in particular for the Cerberus™ universal efficient electrical research and technology.

This system is a "Carbon Negative" triple complementing electrical generators delivering with highest possible efficiency and re-injecting wastage to the next layer in order to support immediately the Energy Transition without carbon heavy and intermittent solar or wind.

Any power-plant can be converted or built in new in combination or Gen2 geothermal "lobster shape antenna" doublets to 2,500m and later Gen3 "Eavor" Eavorloop™ doublets with cumulative 25,000m sections.

A) The efficiencies from fossil power plant is at least enhanced by HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator). 

B) The high carbon exhaust from this best energy production is injected in the gen2 geothermal doublet. The doublet using primary and secondary fluids in a "Kalina cycle" starting from a mild 60degC as it may just be less than normal Earth normal geothermal gradient 30degC/1000m, no water nor permeability, it will be improved over time in no more than 30 years.. 

C) The last, third generator is a Gen3 Eavor Eavorloop™  efficient by design with no requirement for pumps and likely to use a non contaminated fluid close to the previous secondary Gen2 fluid generator.

D) Whne applying present technology from Strasbourg Energy high pressure and near constant injection temperature, it is likely the Gen2 well integrity can be preserved until the fossil power plant becomes no longer economical, That Gen2 doublet landed in 12.1/4" cased in 9.5/8" and with double skin corrosion protection lined in it initial configuration, is just compatible to become another Gen3 Eavorloop, configuration. The extension work requires to drill a further 10 lateral 2.500m in 8.1/2" section.

The Cerberus project is economical from any present unregulated and regulated Carbon Trading until (Scope 1+2+3) Carbon cost gets a relevant price embedded in the global trade economy.  

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